Royalty Free stock photo (Pikrepo)

They say fate mice gather in the walls between worlds and listen to our deeds. Our darkest acts thunder in their ribs, tremors building like aftershocks. Our good deeds tickle their snowy hair follicles.

When these blind mice hear our love, their whiskers twitch, and they scurry back and forth, their tiny toes leaving trails in the cosmic dust of reality. They burrow into the walls that separate us with an ecstatic fervor.

It is said their arrival will herald a new era of peace and prosperity, but they’re waiting to see if we kneel on necks or injustices.

I wrote this micro fiction in response to Carrot Ranch Literary Community’s weekly 99-word challenges. Here is the prompt:

June 18, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes good vibrations. What is unfolding? Is someone giving off or receiving the feeling? Where is the story situated? Gather some good vibes and go where the prompt leads!