Stock photo (Pixaby)

Shadows scratch the wall opposite the couch. Cassie lifts an ear. Outside a door slams, and heels click across blacktop. A lawnmower opens its mouth and roars. Frenchies yap, and a hound bays mournfully.

In the kitchen, the crockpot bubbles. Stewed celery, carrots, and onions smell more pleasing than the dry meat, but Cassie will not turn down an offered morsel.

A car rides thin brake pads around a corner, engine whining to a loose belt tune. Cassie leaps from the couch, nails biting hardwood floor. Her heart pounds louder than subwoofers; her tail swats the air in greeting.

I wrote this piece in response to Carrot Ranch Literary Community’s weekly 99-word challenge. The prompt is below:

June 18, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes good vibrations. What is unfolding? Is someone giving off or receiving the feeling? Where is the story situated? Gather some good vibes and go where the prompt leads!