lowercase literature

a collection of flash fiction, short stories, and excerpts from author Jeff Gard

Melting Pot

A combination of writing advice, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

Star-Crossed (micro fiction)

His blue lips no longer kissed. Bloodshot eyes stared lifeless at the crypt’s floor. His lover, a girl too young to be married, buried her face in his neck.

The Resurrection of Walter T. Woodrow (flash fiction)

The world found Walter T. Woodrow reclining in a camp chair at an RV park in a dusty corner of the US, drifting off to sleep while cottonwoods rustled in a dry breeze. He felt rather than saw the presence of someone hovering over him, and when he opened his eyes two things happened simultaneously. […]

Aftermath (micro fiction)

The garage had more inventory than an auto parts store. The husks of two failed restorations hunkered down over oil-stained concrete.

Milkshaking (micro fiction)

Milkshaking (n) – the act of throwing a milkshake into the face of a high-profile person (e.g. celebrity or politician) as a form of protest.

Revise Like You Give a F*&#

While it is a good idea to ignore your readers and critics when writing that first draft, you certainly want to consider them in the final draft.

New Eden (micro fiction)

Adam kneels before scientists covered head to toe in white, except for their gold face shields. Martian soil has teethed this row of astrobiologists. Their semicircle bites into the horizon, swallowing wind. Within their protective wall, Adam reverently places psychrophilic bacteria that resemble flattened broccoli, puke yellow in color. Despite the negative 81-degree temperatures, the […]

Dear A-Listers

At school, we are the bench warmers, the second stringers on your teams, the third chairs in your orchestras. We sit on the fringes of your classrooms. We move the scenery for your dramatic masterpieces.

Write Like You Don’t Give a Damn

Emulation can lead to a forced outcome where writing ceases to be innovative and becomes stagnant and predictable instead. The more we try to elevate our writing to be like someone else, the further we stray from our own authorial voices.


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